Tier 2: AVL Manager

Tier 2: AVL Manager

Tier 2 addresses the needs of end users who wish to manage active obsolescence problems and proactive deterrents using simple Bill of Materials (i.e. Approved Vendor Lists AVCLs).

Approved Vendor List is designed to allow a user to upload a flat file parts list to obtain part status and identify potential solutions for groups of parts. Tier 2 is available in both an executable or web based version.

Each user can manage their independent parts list and working area called a “sandbox.” Each user within a configuration or customer group can perform read-only viewing of the other user’s sandboxes to allow for sharing of data, notes and information. Users will not be able to view information outside of their own customer group. BAE Systems strictly manages all user groups and users within each customer group. Login and usage information metrics are monitored and tracked by BAE Systems Software Engineering, Product Development, and Program Management.

In addition to Tier 1 features, Tier 2 allows for uploading of parts lists and allows the use of AVCOM health status, obsolescence projection, predefined reports and analysis, Logistics data, COTs statusing, and simple impact analysis. Tier 2 also allows a user to receive Auto-Alerts – Automated e-mail alerts that include Product Change Notices, Product Discontinuance Notices, Last Time Buy Notices from OEMs and Counterfeit Notices. Users may also enter custom notes for each part that can be shared within customer group or across all customer groups.

Through Life Support Obsolescence Management

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