We believe that AVCOM is the world's leading provider of
pro-active Obsolescence Management Services.


AVCOM provides a cost-effective, customised Obsolescence Management Service and Tool to help minimize the obsolescence impact on equipment before problems turn into crises.

We believe that AVCOM is the world’s leading provider of pro-active Obsolescence Management Services across all types of parts and products and provides resolutions for much of the US Defence Sector.

With our capability across all aspects of the Obsolescence Management framework and Product Lifecycle, combined with Mitigation and Resolution capability, we now have the ability to provide services from simple advice on Contracting for Obsolescence Management and Obsolescence Management Planning, through to the full Obsolescence Management of a total platform.

What is AVCOM?

AVCOM (Advanced Component Obsolescence Monitoring) is a web-enabled, readiness and sustainment tool that allows users to track and plan for the replacement, upgrading, inventory locations and ordering of new parts. With a database accessing more than 50 million parts and 100,000 LRU/SRU’s, AVCOM is the leading tool of choice for the military and throughout industry.

With four tiers and a comprehensive list of scalable services, customers with relatively small-scale management projects or large, complex systems and platforms, will find their requirements met and expectations fulfilled.